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Final ‘Up’

These are the final pictures chosen for the last assignment in Introduction to Photography!

Shot 1/80 sec. f/3.5, ISO 200
Shot 1/2000 sec. f/2.2, ISO 32
Shot 1/125 sec. f/11, ISO 200
Shot 1/100 sec. f/11, ISO 320
Shot 1/100 sec. f/4.2, ISO 200
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My Diary

For the final video, we took a total of seven days to complete our filming! Out of all of the days, we used 5 days for the filming in the ‘white room’ of our video setting (E1.01 a.k.a. Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus’s Photography Studio). Here’s a mini diary which will tell you about what we did on each day!

thursDay 1 (18/01/18)

First day of the actual video filming. Before filming, some of us were cutting the paper cushion and putting it in a box for the props, some setting up mahjong papers to cover up the furniture in the room which stood out and I went to spray the bat with black spray paint.

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Form, Space and Shape

Since the moodboard is done, we moved on to starting the plan and design for our personal container. We had our last lecture with Ms Tan about form, space and shape.

Basically, shape is a basic geometry object with a set of 2 or more points. When the shape is occupied with 3-dimensional space, it is known as form. When the area bounded in form undergoes unlimited expanse, it is now called a space.

Today, we were required to draw sketches of the transformations of form, which we will then choose one for the final form of our final project model. Before I continue, let me revise the types of form transformations Ms Tan told us:

Dimensional Transformation : Transformation by altering the dimension by changing the height, width or length.

Subtractive Transformation : Transformation by subtracting a portion.

Additive Transformation : Transformation by adding elements to the volume.

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We still have not progressed to the final part! In fact, there is more planning to do before we can finally touch model making. We are now going to make a moodboard, which will include the case studies and what do our space provide. The leftover other half of the A2 model board is used to make the moodboard.

For the case studies, I decided to divide into two parts, the references of architectural shape and the mood inspiration. I used some pictures from my earlier research on shapes and forms.

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